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My journey with CFIDS continued:

Update: December 2008

My year of relaxing from the constant search for wellness was enjoyable, but fruitless.  I often use the saying " You Play, You Pay!". And I have been experiencing the payment in spades these past few weeks.

My deconditioned body has been unable to withstand the assault brought on by wave after wave of low pressure systems.  I love the Northwest, but sometimes the weather systems can nearly kill me.  And no this is not hyperbole.

We returned from a trip to Arizona and stepped into a typical fall weather pattern of sequential low pressure systems.  Every aspect of my illness flared up.  Every moment of my day was filled with pain and exhaustion.  I had chills and sweats, and laboured to gather the energy to simply draw breath.  Indeed it felt that my entire body was closing down and it would soon be time to simply vanish.  Each night was greeted with the weary curiosity of whether I would be greeted with a grey dawn, or some eternal bright light.

A couple days ago I thought I had used up the last of my life force.  I could succumb or seek help once again.  Back on the treadmill of intervention, discipline and perhaps hope.

My friend Dr Gallant ND had reported success using a technique called NMT.  He has recommended that I try it.  I've contacted the architect of the technique, Dr Les Feinberg DC, and will begin a series of preliminary sessions.  I'll report back here on how they were.

(update on using NMT)

I had moderate success with NMT.  I must say I felt great after about 10 sessions with Dr Feinberg, but had a relapse after discontinuing the therapy.  The concept of NMT is that the practitioner can "communicate" with the autonomic system and correct misinformation which is causing the body to ignore some pathogens and attack, or over respond in other areas.  There has been some amazing documented success using NMT for a variety of health problems, from bone infections to anaphylactic allergies.

I did have some success with NMT, but am not sure if this was because of the technique, or the usual desire to be healed.  I discontinued treatment through a combination of a confusion in communication with the Drs and cost. 

I've had a lot of practitioners tell me that they could sure me as long as I continued indefinitely with the treatments.  I guess I'm feeling a bit of treatment fatigue.  My naturopath Dr has expressed his frustration with patients who want instant fixes.  He sees patients that come to him after  conventional medicine has reached it limits.  Of course their bodies have also reached the limit of regenerative resources by that time.  So we are all frustrated.


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